Final mix tweaks on "For The Sun"

So I think it's done... but then I've said that before.  I played a mix or two for a drummer friend and he said the drums sounded a little lifeless, so I tried a different setup with a little more "Room" mic in it.  There is certainly more air in it now.  Also cleaned up the toms in the intro a bit to make them sound a little tighter with the guitars.  I also noticed there were parts where Doug's guitar was a little quiet so I boosted it here and there and during the end run the bass dominated a little too much so I pulled it back and then faded it back in for the final crush.  :)  I'm not sure how much of this stuff anyone else would notice... but my goal is to make it so that nothing stands out as "wrong" when I listen to it.  Man... it's a LOT of work. 

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