Extending the Tangent release date 2012.


That's right ladies and germs.  It's done.  It will be released this year.

Ok, that's great but what the heck took you so long?

Funny you should ask.  Lots of things, and lots of nothing as well.  Here's a brief timeline of the events as best I can recall.

  • 2004 - Snow White Rose of Paradise released
  • 2005 - Start recording Extending the Tangent
  • 06/06/06 - Hard drive crashed.  We lost everything.  Nearly a year of recording.  The devil's handy work?  As a computer guy, you'd think I would've had a backup.
  • 07/07/07 - Tracking completed for the second time.
  • 2008 - My wife is pregnant and starts the nesting phase.  In other words, progress on the Tangent stops and housework begins.
  • 2009 - My son is born!  In other words, progress on the Tangent stops and fatherhood begins.
  • 2010 - Whew parenting is a lot of work! Little dude is growing up so fast, and I realize time is flying by!  I better wrap this album up!  Maybe I could use some help?
  • 05/24/10 - Enter Wellerhill Productions. Dan and Justin of WellerHill began their careers as members of Sikth and moved on to Production.  Justin was awesome to work with and really gave me a fresh new perpective on my mixing techniques.  Accepted his mix of Trauma and Tragedy.
  • 2010 - 2011 - Armed with loads of new tricks learned from Wellerhill, I started to really dive in.  We start to listen to rough mixes of Extending the Tangent on the way to daycare.  Everything just keeps getting better!
  • 2012 - Mastering took forever.  Much longer than I expected.  I understand why people say you shouldn't mix and master the same project.  It's REALLY hard to remain objective, escpecially when it's your own material.

We had SO many things happen along the way, but we never wanted to skimp on the quality.   Now it's done and probably about 99% of it is exactly the way I want it.  We couldn't be more satisfied with how this has turned out and can't wait for you all to hear it.  Now we just need to get some cover art together and we're off to the presses!

I may not speak for the whole band, but Extending the Tangent is my favorite cd.  Not just my favorite ES cd, I mean it's my favorite CD, period.  This is what I have always wanted to hear on a metal album, and regardless of its success or lack there of, I really couldn't be happier with it.  I've listened to it literally hundreds if not more than a thousand times, and I still love it.  Should the rare occasion occur that I don't listen to it for about a week or two, when I put it in again, it's like I've never heard it before.  Awesome.

Thanks to everyone who has lent their ears along the way and for their invaluable feedback and thanks to our fans for waiting patiently.  I hope you'll all enjoy as much as we do. 


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